How to Increase Your Credit Score

Raise your credit score now! This way you can save thousands of dollars on your mortgage payments. Here are some ways to do it right:

  • Check credit score reports for errors: if there are any errors, which have negative impacts on your credit score, contact credit reporting agency immediately. The agency should investigate and correct any errors within thirty days.
  • Pay off balances every single month: it’s just good for your future to keep yourself out of a huge amount of debt. It saves a lot of interest as well.
  • Pay the bills on time: paying bills on time has the biggest affect on your credit score!
  • Manage the credit card balances: it’s the best to have a credit card balance, which is less than 50% of its limit.
  • Keep and cancel the right credit cards: old accounts are better off than the new ones. Keep those accounts open even if they have zero dollars in them.
  • Carefully select the lenders: if you can’t pay cash it’s much better to borrow the money from a bank or a credit union.

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