How to Achieve a Perfect Credit Score

The ultimate goal as you might already know is to reach a credit score of 800 or above. Here is a collection of some useful tips, which show you exactly how to go about it:

  • Don’t make late payments: late payments can effect you for up to 24 months or even longer.
  • Avoid bankruptcies: they are very difficult to remove and most of the time stay for up to 10 years.
  • Have as little credit cards as possible: although diversity of credit is essential for the perfect credit score, having too many credit cards effects your credit score negatively.
  • Keep credit card balance to 15% or less: very important – it has been established that balances at 15% or below are ideal for the perfect credit score.
  • Have a mortgage: it has been proven that stability and long term credit history, which is associated with mortgage, is very important for your perfect credit score.
  • Grow old: it has been well documented that age helps with credit score ratings.  It’s just about impossible to reach a perfect credit score of 850 without being in your mid fourties or above.

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